7th kup, Green Tag Quiz


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#1. What does Taekwon-Do mean?

#2. Who was the father and founder of Taekwon-Do?

#3. In which country does Taekwon-Do originate?

#4. When was Taekwon-Do officially recognised?

#5. What are the 5 tenets of Taekwon-Do?

#6. What does green belt signify?

#7. What is the diagram for Do-San?

#8. What is the pattern meaning for Do-San?

#9. What is a front block?

#10. What is ‘Wedging Block’ in Korean?

#11. What is the purpose of wedging block?

#12. At what height do you execute wedging block in Do-San?

#13. What is Goro Chagi?

#14. When do you execute fast motion in Do-San?

#15. What height is the front snap kick in Do-San?

#16. How many moves in Chon-Ji?

#17. What is a reverse technique?

#18. What is an obverse technique?

#19. Which arm is the primary block in ’Twin Forearm Block’?

#20. What is the body position in the first move in Do-San?


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