10th kup, White Belt Quiz


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#1. What is start in Korean?

#2. What belt rank is Mr Powlette?

#3. When was Taekwon-Do officially recognised?

#4. What is your belt Kup?

#5. What is Four Direction Punch in Korean?

#6. What should your fist be in line with, for a middle block?

#7. What is 10 in Korean?

#8. What are the 5 tenets of Taekwon-Do?

#9. What is Annun Sogi?

#10. What does white belt signify?

#11. What belt rank is Mr McKnight?

#12. In which country does Taekwon-Do originate?

#13. Who was the father and founder of Taekwon-Do?

#14. What does Taekwon-Do mean?


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